Halloween portraits!

Well, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and if your house is like our house, your kids are telling you what they want to be for Halloween and then the next day they’ll tell you something completely different and then the next day it will be something entirely different again. (I thought you said you wanted to be a lumberjack? A panda? Yoda?).

A few from last year.

I can’t help you with the indecision, but once you get it nailed down, I’d love to photograph them as part of our Second Annual Spooktacular Halloween Portraits. I had so much fun last year, we’re doing it again.

Who: Our favorite clients and friends

Where: Justin Hackworth Photography, 1 E Center Street, Suite 205, Provo

When: Friday, October 28 from 2-6 pm

Why: Because there’s nothing cuter than a kid in a chicken costume

Cost: No charge, of course! 

Here’s the deal. Come to my studio with your kids (all ages are welcome!) in their costumes any time from 2-6 pm on October 28 for a quick portrait. By Halloween day, I’ll have the pictures available for you to post on Instagram or Facebook or to send to family and friends. And just like last year, this is free!

Happy Halloween, and I hope to see you on Friday, October 28!



P.S. Not necessary, but if you want to let me know you’re coming, it might be helpful in gauging how many people will be there.