Utah wedding photography

The wedding of Tiia and David.
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Bridal Portraits in Provo Canyon

I kept calling him Andrew even though his name is Tyler but I had a good reason. He has a brother named Andrew that looks and sounds just like him, who I also photographed. But that was four years ago, so basically you could say I have a great memory.

Meet Tyler and Sydney, soon to be wed. 

Photographed in Provo Canyon, and my photography studio in downtown Provo.

Provo engagement portraits

Mackenzie and Dylan are getting married and I'm looking forward to photographing the wedding, soon.

I met Mackenzie when she was a photography student in my class at UVU. She then came to work at Justin Hackworth Photography in the fall of 2014 when she did a fantastic job as an intern. Her very first day at work we had a photoshoot at the studio with about 30 people, including the Mayor, Donny Osmond, Mindy Gledhill, C Jane Kendrick and a whole room of Provo movers and shakers. Not every day was as exciting as that. But that was a long time ago. Now, meet Mackenzie and Dylan.


Film images from this post developed and scanned by Alpine Film Lab