The saddest picture I've ever taken

It was a year ago when I drove to Twin Falls for a funeral. A young guy. Too young. Father of five, and husband to Emily. I’ll tell you the truth, I’m not comfortable taking pictures at a funeral. I see value in it and I’ll do it, especially if it helps a hurting friend, but it’s not something that is easy for me.


Most of the funeral guests had already left the cemetery, after all the hugs and kind condolences, and after the balloons had lifted off into the sky, just Emily and a handful of family were left. Emily walked to the casket and sat alone with her head down. I can’t even imagine what kinds of thoughts were going on in her head. I can’t imagine how you process the loss of a spouse. By the time her daughter came up to her, I couldn’t tell if I was getting things in focus or not on account of some tears. It was one year ago today when I took the saddest picture I’ve ever taken.