Joanna Gaines

Joanna finished her keynote speech and Gabby, the conference organizer had mentioned earlier that she wanted to get a picture of her with Joanna and then I could do a portrait of Joanna, but that there wouldn’t be much time.

I arrived at the location where Joanna was speaking and the green room was…..let’s say, pretty gross, and the hallways leading to it were bleak. Well now what? I knew I wouldn’t be able to take her anywhere and needed to stay close to the venue.

Across the parking lot was a pretty tall hedge and luckily, one side was in shade. After the speech, I was able to get Gabby and Joanna to walk to the back side of the hedge, in the shade, and even more importantly, out of site of all the conference attendees who would surely want to get a picture with Joanna.

I had less than two minutes to do a picture of Joanna with Gabby and Joanna on her own, but I was able to get something I liked.


Yes, to answer your question, yes, she was awesome.