What Say Ye Podcast

Photo by Spencer Heaps

About 8 months ago, Derrick Clemments and Court Mann, a couple of cool guys, a couple of writers from Provo's Daily Herald started a podcast, talking about the city of Provo, it's people, and the arts. I was honored to be their first guest on their very first show. Thanks for having me on, fellows! If you care to listen to the episode, it's below. 

Since then, they've had a string of smart, clever, interesting guests, including the mayor, Cjane Kendrick, Mallory Everton and Jeremy Warner from Studio C, Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees, and others.

Their site is here, if you want to see their full lineup so far. 

And here's a fun fact. At the time, Derrick Clements was not married, but got engaged shortly after the interview. And after interviewing me about my process, why I'm a photographer, and how I approach weddings, he hired me to photograph his own wedding. Court, you're next, buddy.