Provo Family Portraits - Quigley Family

If you don't already know about the company Chatbooks, well, there aren't very many of you left. They're taking over the planet! It's a brilliant idea and a great company. That's because brilliant people cooked up the idea. Founder Vanessa, and co-founder Nate (they're husband and wife!) have a wildly successful business but say they're just getting started and I can't wait to see how Chatbooks continues to grow. (And if you really haven't heard of Chatbooks, check out this hilarious video). 

So Vanessa and Nate run a great company, but they've also got a great family. And they came to the studio a few months ago to be photographed. Their kids are growing up, moving on, spreading their wings, and they felt it might be one of the last times to get a picture of them all together for a while.

Meet the Quigley family.

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