Favorite photographs of 2016

This is a list of my favorite photographs I took in 2016. They are compiled from the client work I got, in addition to the things I shot on my own.

It's an incomplete list, really. I initially selected more images than shown, here, but narrowed it down to a more blog manageable size. And for any one event, I tried to only include a single image. So calling this post my "favorite images" isn't entirely accurate. It is some of my favorite images. 

So, out of the thousands and thousands of pictures I took in 2016, here are 165 in random order, that for me, rose to the top. 

(Click any image to view it larger, then click through individually)

There is a lot of variety, here, but I hope you can see some stylistic consistency. I hope a unique point of view and perspective comes through. Thanks for looking through these.

And maybe you'll be in the mix for 2017?