Portraits of the BYU Broadcasting employees

It took four days, but we got it done. In September, I photographed every full time employee at BYU Broadcasting (nearly everyone--some were out of town). 

I really love how these turned out, and I've got to hand it to BYU Broadcasting for not settling on the safe, straight-forward, head and shoulders shot, but instead, be willing to get something with a little more personality, pizazz, and quirkiness. They told their employees they could bring a prop if they wanted that reflected something about their personality, job, or outside interests (so that's why you may see a dog or fly rod in some of these, among other things).

The shoot was set up so that I'd have a decent amount of time with each person. Long enough for me to learn something about their life, their job, their personality, and then make a portrait that was a reflection of that in some way.

Meet the folks at BYU Broadcasting! Click on any image to view it larger.